About us

We are dedicated to produce and distribute alimentary products of high quality and innovation

Our main priority is to give the best taste and satisfaction to our customers!



Operations started in 1962 with the production and distribution of our so called “bolis” (freezer pops).

In 1968 a small factory started producing flour tortillas. This was the first commercial brand to ever be sold within the city auto-services.

There was a custom in Monterrey and in the North of Mexico of eating home made wheat flour tortillas. They were not available at the supermarkets. Demand increased and know we know the value of the market.

Years later more products were added to brand portfolio:

  • - Sopes
  • - Totopos
  • - Red tortillas for enchiladas
  • - New flavor variety for our “bolis” (Freezer pops)


In the year of 2009; the “Raw Corn Tortillas and Gorditas” development is finished and the products are now open to market in different presentations. 

“Raw Corn Tortillas and Gorditas” are focused not only for the retail market but also to the institutional market; providing a service according to the customers needs